Interview: John C. Reilly

1Kong1.jpgOriginally published on The National Student on 08/03/17. 

The Step Brothers star and comedic heart of the new King Kong adventure Skull Island gives us the 411 on the movie’s greatest facial hair. 

We had the chance to sit down with the great, multi-faceted acting talent of Mr John C. Reilly last week to chat all things Kong, and, always being one for hard-hitting journalism, we naturally jumped straight to asking him about the gigantic beard he rocks throughout. 

Starring this month in one of his biggest movies to date, as a marooned World War II fighter pilot in Legendary’s huge-scale monster reboot Kong: Skull Island, Reilly had a lot to say beyond the obvious too though. Chatting to us about everything from the practicalities behind the film’s mysterious tribesmen, to top tips for any upcoming actors and performers, he was even kind enough to come dressed to impress too, in one of the most magnificent suits we’ve ever seen. 

Check out the full interview below and our full review and other interviews here.

Kong: Skull Island is out in UK cinemas from 9th March. 


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