Interview: M. Night Shyamalan and Anya Taylor-Joy


Originally published on The National Student on 19/01/17. 

The master of twists and his latest leading lady sat down with us in the flesh to discuss everything from genre to future advice. 

Quite a lot’s changed since we last caught up with M. Night Shyamalan a few years back. The Visit ended 2015 as a surprise low-budget hit, raking in a highly respectable amount of cash, and now his latest, similarly dark psycho thriller Split is looking to do the same, with an even more illustrious cast. 

Starring Brit-fave James McAvoy as a troubled loner who shares his mind with over 20 different personalities, Split’s about as bonkers as Shyamalan has been in years, offering up everything from genuine terror to a trademark twist or two. 

We were lucky enough to grab some time with the man himself, and the film’s female lead, the recently BAFTA-nominated Anya Taylor-Joy (someone who horror fans may recognise from last year’s The Witch) to chat about some of Split’s most exciting ideas. 


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