News: These are 10 universities where you’re most likely to find The One


Originally published on The National Student on 11/08/15. 

A recent study has found that over a third of people meet their eventual partner whilst studying at university, with Edinburgh being the most popular of them all for finding love.

The survey, carried out by the University of Surrey, revealed that an incredible 36% of students find their significant others whilst studying at universities across the country, with 53% of Edinburgh graduates tying the knot in the years following their graduation.

Just behind the Scottish capital are Bristol and Liverpool, both with a whopping 46% of their graduates meeting the one whilst studying at the universities there, whilst high-fliers Cambridge and Durham aren’t far behind.

London’s higher-education institutions have found themselves ranked at just number 7 on the list, whilst the likes of Manchester and Southampton are nowhere to be seen.

Here’s the full list:

1. Edinburgh (53%)
2. Bristol (46%)
3. Liverpool (46%)
4. Cambridge (42%)
5. Norwich (42%)
6. Durham (41%)
7. London (37%)
8. Oxford (36%)
9. Birmingham (36%)
10. Nottingham (35%)

Moving away from love momentarily, the study also suggested that friendship is equally as common as a product of university, with 43% of students meeting their best-friend whilst there. Even more incredibly, 37% of those asked were still close with these friends even after the age of 65.

The social side to university living can apparently not be emphasised enough, if these statistics are anything to go by.


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